Hypothetical Death of the Exarchian Alpha


The book Hypothetical Death of the Exarchian Alpha is an invitation to read the sociological, historical and political upheavals of a country, Greece, through the epigraphy on the walls of a neighborhood of the capital, which happens to be the center of the anarchist movement. This book is made up of four parts: the author’s logbook and how she immerses herself in her study, the collection of photographs of letters Alpha found on the walls of Exarchia the different Alphas isolated from their context to keep only their shape and their typographical elements in relation to their hypothetical death (disappearance) and a sequence of mini-scenarios of disappearance. 

The study revolves around the idea of the disappearance of the letter Alpha from the district of Exarchia as well as the way an object of observation gets transformed by the eye of the observer. Thus, it ends up as a graphic design and anthropological crime fiction novel, the narrative of which reveals in between the many faces of everyday life along with the destiny of the ideas we encounter on the walls of the city. By focusing on the microscale of an Athenian neighbourhood, the research of the Hypothetical Death of the Alpha, unveils the turmoil and rapid changes taking place not only on a wall or in a small country but across the entire Europe. 


406 pages, 18 x 11 cm, 2020
ISBN 979-10-95233-20-6
B/w, Softcover, Language: English
Research: Ella Villaumié
Art Direction and contribution by Typical. Organization for standards & order.
Co-published by DOLCE, sun/sun 

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